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Orange County Correctional Facility houses all prisoners in Orange County for all law-enforcement agencies. The facility is currently able to accommodate 350 inmates. On average, there are about 200 inmates at any given time. The facility currently has a staff consisting of one captain, six sergeants and four corporals.

The facility was built to house those in custody awaiting trial, as well as those who have been convicted and sentenced for crimes to county jails. As mentioned above, there are more than 200 inmates in the facility on a daily basis. Corrections Staff has the responsibility of not only housing inmates but also providing all services that are required under State, Local, and Federal guidelines about oc jail. These include but are not limited; to inmate recreation programs, inmate work programs, visitation and court activities, meal services, mail services, and medical services.

Orange County Correctional Facility’s mission is to ensure a safe environment for working and living. The facility puts the safety of the staff and inmates as well as the community they serve at the forefront. Orange County Correctional Facility believes in team qualities which create an atmosphere that promotes cooperation and respect among officers and inmates. Work quality is more important than quantity when it comes to the criminal justice systems.

Orange County Correctional Facility’s officers and employees define their daily mission with words and actions. The individual officers must complete their duties with the utmost diligence and in a way that reflects integrity, honesty, servant-like attitude, and dedication. Orange County Correctional Officers always respond to situations in a manner that is professional, reliable and without prejudice.

Local police officials are blaming the spike on Prop. 47 makes it hard to keep drug addicts or other low-level offenders behind bars, leaving them free to commit more crimes and steal for their addictions. Some criminologists disagree with this claim and say the research does not support it. They warn police are known to attack legislation they don’t like before an adequate analysis is done.

Kea explained that changes to jail operations have been brought about by demographic changes, including the reduction of low level offenders as well as the transfer of state prisoner control from counties to the counties.Inmates will be shuffled around as the county renovates jails. A program that sent some misdemeanors to jail rather than wear GPS anklets is also being cut back.

Orange County Sheriff’s Department Union – despite a recent drop in jail numbers – claims that in January, three inmates from Central Men’s Jail escaped. The union, in February, sued Sheriff Sandra Hutchens as well as the Department, claiming that inmates escaped due to staff reductions. They also cited unsafe jail conditions and operational mistakes.

Remind yourself that jail isn’t prison. It depends on how you view it, but being sent to jail could be a good experience. Former inmates who have spent time in prison often view it as a “wakeup call” that has led them to make positive life choices after they are released. Be strong, stay focused on getting out of this situation and look forward the day that it’s over.

Browse through our site to learn more about the Orange County Jail. There is a certain learning curve to go from being free to being incarcerated, even though everyone’s experiences are different. For a smoother transition, we suggest gaining as many facts as you can. Being prepared with knowledge about the Orange County jail will give you an edge.

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